Replacement Double Glazing 

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Replacement Double Glazing


Double glazing is the term applied to the present day glazing solution whereby a window is formed by two panes of glass held millimeters apart by an Un-plasticised Poly-Vinyl Chloride (UPVC) frame. The air trapped between these two pains acts as an insulating layer; keeping warmth in and cold out.


Changing single pain windows to replacement double glazing can reduce heat loss from your property by around 50%, there will also be noticeable reductions in noise pollution and condensation. Reducing the amount of condensation in your home decreases the chance of fungal infections and will also extend the life of your soft furnishings (carpets, rugs, curtains etc). Double glazing can also reduce your energy by around 10% 12%.


When double glazing is manufactured silica gel (a dehydrating agent) is used to ensure that no water is present within the unit when it is sealed. An early indication of window failure is condensation between the pains. The presence of condensation indicates that the seal has been damaged and that the space between the pains in no longer airtight, this significantly decreases the insulating properties of the double glazing.


It is possible to have double glazing with frames made from a material other than UPVC. Before UPVC became commonplace window frames were constructed Aluminum. Aluminum frames are strong and thus provide excellent security however they have poor thermal characteristics and aluminum corrodes easily if placed near steel. Timber frames made from hardwoods such as Birch and Cedar are also available, they are expensive and can require a lot of specialist maintenance. Replacement double glazing will have to be fitted around every five years.


If your single pain windows are performing well or you do not wish to replace your windows then a viable alternative to double glazing is secondary glazing. Secondary glazing is where a single sheet of glass is fitted behind the existing window, this will provide a significant reduction in noise and can be a useful solution for listed buildings which are often difficult to glaze and insulate.


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