5 Emergency Glazing Tips

Find out what to do if your window has been broken.

Life is full of surprises. Unfortunately not all of them will be fortuitous. For every surprise party, pay supplement or pleasing proposal there is a chipped tooth, paper cut or broken window. If you chip a tooth you go to a dentist, if you get a paper cut you get a plaster and if your window is broken you will need some emergency glazing.

There are an abundance of emergency glazing companies in the UK, so should you find yourself in need of their services you will need to know how to choose the best company for the job. A good glazier will be available 24 hours a day, as a window or storefront can be broken at any hour.

Check their experience and credentials, examples of previous work will demonstrate their experience and a reliable glazier will be British Safety Standards compliant. Finally, for a speedy-response, check the glazier’s operating city, if you live in London then you should pick a London Glazier rather than one based in Manchester or Sheffield!

A window can become broken for a variety of reasons. However the most common cause of a broken window in Britain is due to a burglary. Discovering a criminal has broken-in to your home, vehicle or place of work can be a traumatic experience. The feeling of violation after this incident is unlike any other. Add to this the hassle and cost or repairing the damage and it is understandable how a break-in can cause people to break down.

Below we present a simple, easy to follow guide which will help you to deal with the discovery of a break-in:

1. Stay Calm and Stay Away – Upon the discovery of a break-in many people will panic which may lead to them taking unnecessary risks, such as entering their property. Entering your property may compromise any evidence at the scene or place you at risk if the intruders have not left.

2. Call the Police – Alert the authorities from an outside line if possible. Try not use your home phone as you would have to enter your property to do so but feel free to use your landline if that is the only option.

3. Call an Emergency Glazier – To ensure the safety of your property you should call an emergency glazier who will can help board up your broken windows or even provide a 24/7 glazing service. You can also ask your glazier about ways in which you can increase the security of your home.

4. Make a List of your Losses – The police and your insurance company will need copies of the possessions you have lost. Make 3 copies of the list, one for you, one for your insurers and one for the police.

5. Contact your Insurance Company – To make a claim on your insurance you must report the incident as soon as is possible. Your insurance company will have advice on further ways to secure your property.

The above guide should inform you of all the necessary steps to take in the event of a burglary. However to prevent future break-ins it is highly advisable to increase the security measures of your home. Ask your emergency glazier about how you can increase your properties’ security.

Whether by accident or design windows are often broken, should this unfortunate occurrence transpire you can rely on the assistance of an emergency glazier to swiftly solve your windowpane problems.

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